Australia Post Tracking (AusPost) – Package by Tracking Number

Australia Post largest postal service in Australia which provides postal service to both domestic and international level, the common name of Australia postal corporation that is owned by the Australian government. It connects all the parts of Australia for more than 200 years by delivering parcels, mail, helping business and provides all the national retail network that provides support to both local communities and organizations.

Australia Post Tracking

They deliver all the product with accurate or expected time with the help of their post offices and employee which is located in all over Australia in both ruler and urban areas. Australia post gives best facilities to its customer so, the customer can fully utilize the service of Australian post. The service like tracking your parcel, signature on the delivery of products so, the sender will know the receivers,  it takes all the responsibility regarding the loss and damage of the product, it also gives some discount to its customer and you register your item very easily without any difficulties. Australia post gives lots of service and benefits to their customer, some of the services are given below:

Express post parcel
This is available in Australia which delivers its product by the next business day to the customer.
eCommerce solutions
It provides the wide range of helpful products to its customer with payment service with delivery of the product so, it easy to use e-commerce.
Sending Overseas:
It helps to deliver all the product to any part of the world with the minimum price or at low cost with additional service that you may choose.
Manage your Mail
With the help of Australia most it is very easy to manage the sending or receiving of the mail.
Australian post mobile app:
Mobile app help to give all information related to the shipment in an easy way to your mobile. Australia post is established on the 25th April 1809 and now it has 111 post head office in the bourne street and 3000 in Melbourne. It the best ways in which customer can parcel their both international or domestic packages. Austraila post is affordable and reasonable which used by most of the population of Australia because if its best maintenance and low cost.

Austraila post tracking is the very easy way to track your shipment of parcel and packages as you will get real-time information and status related to your shipment. For the tracking of your parcel you will need tracking number which is provided after each and every order of the parcel, you can track your parcel not only by tracking number even you can track your parcel by online tracking, email tracking, SMS tracking and phone tracking, you can be used any of the above methods to track your shipment but the track by the tracking number is mostly used by the customer.

Format of Australia Post Tracking Number

Australia tracking number consists 13 characters of both alphabetic and numeric characters which starts with two numeric characters with 9 numeric characters which end with character “AU”. The format is usually like FF999999999AU that is followed by the Australian post tracking. Another format also exists in some case but mostly the format is same as above for Australian post which is different for each and every parcel so, the customer can track their parcel in an easy way.


Australia Post Tracking by Tracking Number.

You can track the parcel by the tracking number with the help of following steps:

Step 1: first of all you need go the official website of auspost tracking or you can go directly by clicking on the below link:

Step 2: now you need to enter the tracking number of Australia post in the box, where you can enter 24 tracking number at once to track your parcel.

Step 3: now you have to complete the verification process of Australia post.

Step 4: after the confirmation process you will find all the details and information related to your shipment of your parcel.

Australia post office

There are more than  4433 post offices in Australia in all ruler or urban areas in which only 2977 post offices are licensed. Around 19 percent that is 637 offices manages the network and  14 percent that is 637 post offices are the community postal agencies. Australia post office offers a large number of the products and services such as bill payments, money order,  gifts card, the prepaid and online shopping card for the shopping. They also offer for the application of the passport through which you can plan the vacation outside the country. The post office is open from Monday to Friday at 9.00 am and closed at 5.00 pm and for Saturday the closing time is 12.30 pm. It gives all service to all customers at the above time only.


You can track post offices near you and can find the timing of the opening and closing of the post office through online by the official website so, you can get all the benefits of the post office easily. Following are the Process of the tracking your nearer post office.

Step 1: to know the nearer post office to you go the official site of the auspost or click the link below

Step 2: you need to type the city name or post code in a location and post office in location type

Step3: no you have to go on the search option.

Step 4: you will find the post office nearer you, now you have to click on the name of the post office so, you can get the address and the timing of opening and closing of your nearer post office.

Contact of Australia post

Australia post is available for their customer support and helps so if you have queries related to the Australia post you can contact any time from anywhere to the Australia post through both online and offline. You can send your any queries to the Australia post by the following process

Step 1: you need to go official site of the Australia post or click the link that is just below:

Step 2: now you need to select the product or service type and product or service

Step 3: after typing the details you need to click on the option go

Step 4: just clicking on the go option you fill find an inquiry form where you have to your personal details and inquiries.

Step 5: click on the submit option.

When the Australia post will receive your post they will reply or solve your queries on the mail.

You can contact Australia post via facebook at @australia post and twitter at @auspost. Austraila post is available on the social media for your help from Monday to Friday, 7.30 am to 7.30 pm.

The phone number through which you get your queries in the easy and simple way is +61388479045 which is available from Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Australia post will not able to solve your queries on holidays, festivals and weekend. You can also ask your queries via mail of Australia post. You will get you all solution and answer your queries related to the Australia post from any of the above method.

Australia post international tracking

All the parcel can be tracked by the tracking tools “Australia post tracking international”. Australia post international tracking will give you all the updates and status of the parcel like where is it? When will it be delivered? What are the expected Dates and time of the delivery? What the is the current location of the parcel? All details you can find when you send your parcel from one place to another. You can track your parcel from tracking number by the official website as well as with the help of Australia tracking post app. The process of the tracking of the international parcel is same as the tracking of the domestic parcel.

In the above, we have learned the process of tracking the parcel through tracking number now we will discuss the process of the tracking through Australia post app that an is the android application which is provided by the Australia post. You can get all the details like delivery charges, status and updates of your parcel through the app, for getting the benefits of the app first you need to download the app, the process of the downloading as well as tracking your parcel through the app is given below:

Step 1: you need to go to the google play store of your Android device and search for the Australia post and then click on the search icon

Step 2: now you will find the Australia app which you need to download by clicking on the install option as well as accepting the permission followed by the google play store.

Step 3: after accepting the permission the app will be automatically downloaded in your device, you just need to open it and track your parcel by clicking your tracking number.

All the updates and the status related to your parcels will show on the screen of your device.

Courier Post Australia

There are two types of courier service by the Australia post that is domestic courier and international courier

1) Auspost tracking parcel Domestic

Courier post of Australia offers the customer for the same day service within the same states where the parcel must be lodged by the time 2.00 am from Monday to Friday at the post office. you can track your parcel by auspost tracking parcel.

The benefits give Australia post courier are:

Same day delivery in the metropolitan states.

Signature will be taken  after the delivery from the receiver and gives all the tracking details to its customer

The rate is affordable so, everyone gets the service.

The courier is lodge on time that is 2.00 pm for the delivery.

If you are going to send something important or valuable you can get extra cover from the post office to secure the parcel.

The limitation of courier parcel over size and weight is that the weight should not be more than 22 kg and size should not be increased with the dimension of 105 cm. The price the of the parcel of 22kg weight with dimension 105 cm will be not more than$35.

2) International Tracking Australia Post.

Australia post courier also provides international courier post which is ideal for the urgent parcel, documents,  letters etc. The service is available in the more than 200 post offices of Australia post that delivers it parcel within 2 days at international level which send their parcel with the next flight for the on-time delivery.

Through international courier you can send up to 20kg of the parcel or 500g letters which can be tracked by phone, tracking number SMS etc. You can get the extra cover to secure your parcel, all the parcel will lodge at the 2.00 pm for delivery and prices for the international courier starts with $70. You can calculate your postage or delivery time by going on the official site or by just clicking the below link:

Where you have to select the location from where you have sent the parcel to where the receivers receive the parcel and you will find the expected delivery time for the courier by just clicking on the go option. you can get all the updates by international tracking Australia post.

Australia EMS Tracking

Australia post offers Express mail service in which the Australia post delivers their item by noon or on the same day after the order of the parcel. You should deposit your parcel before the closing of the post office and the parcel will reach according to time. It offers same-day delivery service for the domestic parcel and the two days delivery service for the international parcel, it also offers its service in holidays as well as Saturday. You can trace your EMS tracking Australia by Australia ems tracking number which will be the ending with AU  with 9 digits number and started with two letters that use to send the request to the current country automatically. You can track it by just clicking the tracking number on the Australian post official website.

Q1. How can I trace missing parcel or letters?

Ans. If your parcel is not delivered with the expected time and you are thinking that it is lost or missing then you just need to send the mail the delivery issue inquiry in official site or you can also redirect in inquiry form by the clicking on the site

Note: for sending any inquiries to the Australia post you need to be login on the official site of the Australia post. When you click on the site you will see the windows like this, where you have to login or sign up a new account, when you are login in the official site you can send the queries related to your lost of the parcel or late delivery of your parcel.

Q2. How will I know that when the parcel will be shipped?

Ans. When the parcel will be shipped to the Australia post then you will be notified by the email with your eparcel tracking number which helps you to track your parcel.


Q3. How can I accept my parcel when I was not on the delivery address at the time of delivery?

Ans. There are two methods to collect your parcel

1st one is that you can say anyone to collect your parcel, Australia post will take the signature of the receivers so you can get your parcel.

2nd is that if no one is there for receiving your parcel then you can collect your parcel from the post office.

Note: if you do not pick your parcel with the limited time then the parcel will get returned to the senders address with the refund of Priceline by the Australia post.


Q4. Can I send the single item to more than one place?

Ans. No, you can send your single parcel more than one address,  you need to send the separate parcel to each delivery address.

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