Canada Post Tracking – Track Package using Tracking Number

The Canada corporation which is simply known as Canada Post is a crown corporation that is as equivalent as USPS in united states which delivers the packages, document, and parcel from one place to another.It was earlier known as royal mail Canada at time of its foundation which is in 1867 later in 1960 the name is changed into Canada post after a bit later it comes under the government service on 1981, the journey is started from 1867 is providing its services till now. Every year it delivers its services more than 16 million population with the package around 8.4 million. It handles all the pickup and delivery of the package for the largest country which is just largest as united states with the help more than 6200 offices of the Canada post which is situated in all the place like town or villages for delivery their service more better.

Canada Post Tracking

There are more than 64,000 full and part-time employees of Canada post to give its service better as the parcels reach to the door at the accurate time without any delay. Canada post gives all the service to both domestic and international delivery to its customer. When you go for the domestic parcel you can select either of the 4 options like regular parcel which guaranty to deliver the product between 2 to 13 days, the second one is expedited parcel which is only for business purpose and it does not guaranty for 2 to 13 days, third one is Xpress post which promises its deliver within 2 days and the last one is the priority parcel that offers the delivery up to the next business day. You can select any above 4 methods to deliver your parcel according to your choice.


When you for the international parcel delivery Canada post offers you 6 options in which the first one is light packet where you will have lightweight parcel and it does not take guarantee of the main or on-time delivery, second one is small packet which small with weight not more than 1kg which delivers with no any guaranty of time, third one is expedited parcel the USA is for those who need only to mail to the USA with no guarantee on-time delivery

The fourth one is Xpress post  for both USA and international in which it delivers its parcel on time, the fifth one is international parcel which does not guaranty for the delivery of the product but it reaches all the countries where xpresspost does not cover and the last one method is priority worldwide which gives its service in 2 to 3 days to delivers any parcel to the any country.

Canada post tracking

When you go for the shipment process you want to know about the parcel that where is it? Canada post tracking gives a tracking tool that is posted Canada tracking from where you can track your all parcel within a minute. It gives all the information likes where is the parcel? When will it be delivered? And also confirms the delivery status. You can track your parcel by the tracking number, reference number, delivery notice card etc. Canada tracking updates are tracking system on the daily basis which provides all the updates like current location or status of your parcel without any time taking. All the status like when you give order for the parcel when it is received by the Canada post when your parcel will be delivered all the updates you can see with date and times through Canada post tracking.


Canada post tracking by tracking number

When you go for the order of parcel in the Canada post they will you a receipt where you can find a tracking number which is typically 11 or 13 character that contains some alphabets in lasts or 16 digits numeric character which help you to track your all the domestic or international parcel.


Canada post domestic tracking number

Canada post international tracking number

Note: Canada post do not keep any records of shipment by any address or name only due to privacy reason so, if you have not your tracking number Canada post will unable to help you in tracking.

For the tracking your package through the Canada post tracking number through poste Canada tracking  follow the following steps:

Step 1: if you want to track your parcel then you need to go on the official site of the canada post that is and you can also go to the given site.

Step 2: when you will click the above site you will automatically redirect to the official site of its and now there will be a box where you need to type your tracking number to track your parcel.


Note: you can only type maximum 24 different types of tracking number to track all the package at once.

Step 3: when you are all done with typing the tracking no. Now you can track by just clicking the track option.

Step 4:  when you click the option track you will automatically redirect to new windows where you find all the status and updates regarding your parcel. You will only get the details when you type correct tracking number if you type the wrong one you will not fine details regarding your parcel so, be aware when you the type the number.

Canada post office

Canada post has more than 6200 post offices in both urban and ruler area that gives the best service to their customer. All the process of shipment are undergoing any break but the timing of opening the post office is limited that is it only opened from Monday to Friday to 9 am to 5.30 pm which gives the service like outgoing mail, parcel pickup, rentals of box, money order, change in credit card pin number,  application for the passport, forms of the income tax, all the national and international money grams. They give their best service whatever they offer to the all over the countries.

How to find Canada post office near me?

For any the delivery of any parcel, you need to go in the post office of the Canada post so, you can find your post office by searching Canada post office near you or the Canada post location but if you can not find let me tell you the process

Step 1: first you need to go official site of the poste Canada you can also click the below link so, you reach the window directly

Step 2: you need to enter the postal code or address or intersection.

Step 3: then you need to select red post office symbol for the location that you want

Step4: now you have to select the name of the post office to see the address, hours of operation and services.

From the above method you can easily get the address of the post office that will be near you and can get all the benefits of the post office.

Canada Post Hours

Canada post is available for the delivery of the parcel in all over the country but its service works the according to the limited hours for the different works and delivery of parcel. As in the residences Canada post delivers parcel only from 9 am to 8 pm where as in business purpose the mail is delivered by the Canada post by time 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Its do not delivers its parcel like holidays festival and the weekend like Saturday and Sunday, but the parcel is delivered earlier or on the expected date only because of its good service it delivers every parcel on the time. Let me tell you the opening hours of the Canada post office is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can find the time of opening of the post office that is nearer to you by the finding post office near you by going on the official site then you have to select on the name of the post office near and you will find all the details related to time address etc for your nearer Canada post office.

Rates of Canada post

The rate of any parcel in the Canada post in only determine by the weight, destination and the size of your parcel and the addition of option like insurance also effects the rates of your parcel but the normal charge for the standard letter or postcard weight from 0 g to 30 g is $1 for domestic parcel, $1.20 for US parcel and $2.50 for the international parcel however you can also calculate the rate of the parcel by the following process:

Step 1:  you need to to the official site or click the below link

Step 2: fill the form by giving details that is required as postal code of sending and receiving address and weight and size of the parcel

Step 3: after filling all the details click on the calculate rate. When you click on this you will find all the calculation and the actual rate of your parcel.

Careers in Canada post

You can discover your future in the Canada post as you can get more exciting work life through Canada post, there are lots of opportunities in the Canada post to expands the careers. There are lots of benefits given to the employee like health care plan, insurance plan, extensive dental coverage, hearing care plan, vocational leave,  you have wide range of paid and unpaid leave option, you will find compassionate and parental care leave also. Canada post gives you caring and friendly work environment so, you can work together and achieve the success. They gave transportation, integrity, respect and safety to each and every employee. So, there is good career in the Canada post that will extent your opportunities, your quality as well as your experience.

Canada Post Job

Canada post always looking for that employee that will be passionate with dedication for the work. You can search various opportunities related to the Canada post job by the going the official site or the link given below

You can search it by typing the role or the job  that you are excited to do on  the Canada post and click on the search option as you click on the search option You will find the opportunities related to your interest  But some of the job like post office assistant, postmaster, post office assistant term and all other types of the job you can find with good salaries and benefits in the Canada job. You can also go through the part-time like courier boy for the delivery of the parcel. Canada post always pays high amount of salary to their employee with great benefits and good environment.

Customer service of the Canada Post

You can ask any queries related to issue or problem with Canada post atany timee. There are many processes by which you can reach out to the customer service of Canada post by both social media like twitter, mail id, Facebook online chatting and Canada post phone number or Canada post contact.  If you have any problems with any special topic you can take help on official site support section. For that you need to go through the following step.

Step 1: first you have gone on the official site of poste Canada you can also click the link so, you can reach the windows directly that is given just below

Step 2: type the question or queries from specific topic

Step 3: click on the search button

As you click on the search button you will find the answer of your queries

In case if you not find the solution of your specific queries or you have some other problems related to the Canada post then you can go through our Facebook page that is Canada post social media community or twitter account that is @canadaposthelps. You can also contact Canada post through the contact number that is 1-866-607-6301 and the contact number for outside Canada is 416-979-3033. Canada post customer service always available to solve all the problems or queries related to the Canada Post.

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