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China post-Tracking Service has also known as China post group corporation with it’s full name . It is the enterprises which is owned by the state which operates the official postal service facilities of China . China post provides the services in mainland China excluding it’s special administrative regions like Hong Kong and Macau because they have their own postal Services independent of mainland’s .

China Tracking

The China post corporation officially share it’s office with the sub-ministry level of government agency State post bureau whose work is to regulate the national postal industry theoretically including the corporation. The postal services in China were started by Robert Hart in 1878 on the suggestion of foreign powers . China post was having it’s branch offices in 5 major cities at the starting time . The current postal services of People’s Republic of china was get established in 1949 which replaced the former chunghwa Post in mainland China as well as the universal postal Union in 1972 . China post is being directly supervised by the State Post Bureau of PRC which is having the overall responsibility for regulating the current postal services in China. People often search the China post tracking eBay and China post tracking amazon so here we are telling you all ways of China Post Tracking.

How is China Post Organized

1 . General office : This branch of China post is responsible for the new postal research strategies and policies , coordination , media and publicity ,customer feedback , complaints , saftey and security issues are handled by general office of China post .

2 . Department of Postal sector management : This department of China post has the responsibility of the regulation of postal market and the formulation of postal laws and regulations. These all issues are dealt y this department .

3 . Department of postage stamps: This department of China post is responsible for the issues of postage vouchers and philatelic services.

4 . Department of planning and finance: This branch of China post deals with the responsibilities of finance, state-owned assets and the development of postal technologies. These all fields are managed by this department of China post.

5 . Department of public services : This department of China post is responsible for the quality of Postal Service .

6 . Department of Post routes operation : This department of China post is responsible for the Construction and operation of Post routes and logistics issues . These type of issues or problems are solved by this department of China post .

7 . Department of international cooperation : This department of China post is responsible for the management of international postal affairs and services.

8 . Department of personnel and education: This department of China post is responsible for the personnel, income payment and human resources education in the sector of postal service.

Operations that are taking place in China post are :

  • Postal offices and branches are almost 82,116 in number in all over China.
  • There are about 236 mail processing center of China post.
  • The route of first and second class trucks is about 3.1 million kilometers.
  • There are about 39000 transportation vehicles under China post .
  • There are 5 aircrafts that work under China post.
  • There are around 73 railway carriages of China post.
  • There are almost 155 letter sorting machines in China post.
  • China post has more than 20000 computerized postal offices under it .

What is China post tracking of any shipment?

China is a free site which provides the information about service of China post which helps in tracking the status of parcel shipped through China post. When you go to the China post office for shipping your package in return they provide you the bill or invoice or a slip which has mentioned the tracking number if your package , with help of this tracking number you can easily track the status of your shipment quickly with the help of china post shipment tracking that where it is now . China tracking website only provides you the tracking details , it not providing any delivery services so , if any of your item gets damaged or lost and showing this status then the tracking website of China post is not responsible for this issue.

China Post Tracking

The tracking helps you to finding out the information about your package from a public source. For starting with this service, first of all, you need to figure out a delivery service and which pack was sent . Once you get the tracking number and the delivery service detail of your parcel you can easily be able to select the required service from the list . If you are only having the tracking number but no detail about the service then you can enter this number and the service will get automatically detected by the delivery company. If the parcel is being internationally shipped then remember that if you are getting any parcel from China then you will get the information up to your country.

We come to know a lot about China post tracking. Now the main thing that comes in our mind after posting our package is that how we will be able to know the status of our shipped package. Let us know that how we can track the parcel sent from China post.

How to Track Parcel from China Post

Now , we are going to know that how we can track our parcel or package which has been shipped by using China post service. If you wanted to track your package just follow the below-mentioned steps :

Step – 1 : First of all go to the official website of China post tracking or you can also follow the below-provided link to directly open the china post tracking website.

Step – 3 : After clicking on the above-mentioned link you will be redirected automatically to the tracking site of china post. The window will appear in front of you like this .

Step – 4 : Now, here if you wanted to change the language of screen you can change it by clicking on the english option which is present at the left side top corner of the screen . When you click on it a list with available languages will get open in front of you . Choose the language which comforts you more like china post tracking English.

Step – 5 : Next, if you have the log in id of China post or already a registered customer of China post then click on the sign in option which is present at the right side top corner of the screen with your sign in details.

Step – 6 : After signing in to the account the next step you have to take is to type the tracking number of the box in the box provided in the middle of the screen .

Step – 7 : After typing the tracking number of the package, next you have to click on the track option which is present in a yellow colored box at the right side of the box of tracking number.

Step – 8 : Next, after clicking on the track option you have to wait for some time . After few seconds all of the details arrives on the screen with the tracking status of your package.

So , by following these above simple steps you can easily track the status of your package of China post.

China Post ordinary small Packet Plus

Basically, China post provides two main services which are –

1 . China post register Airmail : China post register air mail service of China post is an economical, cost effective and very slow shipping service . Normally , this service takes around 2 to 4 weeks in delivering your package to the destination location depending on the distance of the final delivery country of your package.

2 . China Post EMS / E – Packet: China post-EMS or China EMS Tracking post is a very fast global courier service of china post . Generally, the package which is shipping through this service of China post takes around 1 to 2 weeks for reaching to its destination location or country from China .


Frequently Asked Question’s ( FAQ)

Ques – 1: What is the format of tracking number of China Post?

Ans : The format of tracking number of China post is –

1 . China post register air mail : RR123456789CN ( This tracking number usually starts with letter R and ends with CN .

2 . China post EMS / ePacket :  EE123456789CN ( This tracking number usually starts with letter E and ends with CN .


Ques – 2: What is the customer care number of China post?

Ans : You can contact to the customer care of China post by simply dialing +861011185 . For talking to customer care you should know how to speak Chinese .


Ques – 3: Why is my tracking status showing as only one message that is ” electronic data received “?

Ans : If you are receiving this status in your tracking then it simply means that your seller has applied a tracking number from China but not yet has actually shipped your goods yet . This is why the tracking status is showing as ” electronic data received “.


Ques – 4: What should I do if the tracking result shows ” rejected ” or ” safety check rejected “?

Ans : You can sometimes see these results showing on your tracking status . This simply means that –

  • There are the forbidden item in the parcel like cell phone, iPad , speaker etc . If your parcel has items in the forbidden list then you will not be going to get your goods anymore . You have to claim for refund.
  • Sometimes parcel gets occasionally rejected by the mistake of the machine . This normally happens in case of cellphone cases, toys etc which looks alike with forbidden items. You can resubmit it for the safety check again.


Ques – 5: Why does a package take weeks for delivery?

Ans : This question mostly raised in the mind of the customer that why does the delivery service takes too long . The answer is that parcels are handled in bulk as a part of the mail stream of many items which makes the things to work more slower and cheaper also, due to which the mailing of a parcel costs around 1/50th as much as an airline ticket. As the procedure of delivery is too slow

Day 1: Collection –  First of all mails from the mailboxes and postal outlets gets collected and brought to the local post office .

Transport to the sorting facility – All of the mails are trucked to a regional mail processing center for sorting .

Day 2: Culling – In this process mails are separated into letters , large envelopes and parcels .

Sortation – In this next process the parcel are sorted into bins depending on the destination location .

Dispatch to OOE – International parcels are sent to an outward office of exchange in order to be sended to overseas .

Day 3: In transit – This status is especially in larger countries , the trip to OOE may be an airmail dispatch by itself.

Day 4: Next , after it the parcel gets dispatched for the departure and after proper time the delivery will take place.


Ques – 6: Why does the transportation and customs delay occur?

Ans : Transportation delay: Transportation delay can be occur by various reasons like truck might arrive later due to the weather conditions , a flight gets late because of a mechanical problem .

Customs and security delay: Customs gets operated on their own schedule they don’t care how urgently you require your parcel or package . Some places open and inspect everything of the item , some do not , some places process packages very efficiently and some do not.

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