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DHL provides international courier, parcel and mail services which are also known as DHL express which is a part of the logistic company of Germany which is also known as Deutsche Post DHL. DHL full form is Dalsey Hillblim Lynn. It is the largest company in the world that delivers its parcel in both ways by sea and air. In 1969 the DHL was founded that delivers document between San Francisco and Honolulu only and with a little bit of time that is in 1970, it was expanded in over the world.

In today’s world, the DHL shares its brand with many business units such as DHL Globa forwarding, DHL supply chain etc. The rate of the DHL parcel depends upon the weight, size and the destination of the parcel. so, it is impossible to give the accurate price for DHL courier charges per kg. Dhl was the first international company who provides overnight service to its customer. DHL is the third largest courier service after the FedEx and UPS. It offers its service to all over the world including Hong Kong, Singapur, China, Malaysia Iraq etc. Dhl using mostly electric vehicles or vehicles that are running on CNG so, there is no cause large pollution through vehicles and environment will be pollution free.

DHL Tracking

DHL provides the special tool that is DHL express tracking which helps you to track your both parcel international or domestic. you can track your international parcel through DHL international tracking, you can track your USA parcel by DHL tracking USA as well as UK parcel can be tracked by DHL tracking UK, for tracking any of the regions you can track by the simple method that is tracking by tracking number. It provides all the information related to the delivery of your parcel that the expected date and time of parcel, current status of the parcel, DHL delivery, when the order received etc all the status you can see through DHL tracking. You can track your package with the help of tracking number, which will be given to you in the time of order and it will be written in your slip. The most commonly DHL tracking number format of the DHL is consisting of 10 digits of numeric character eg. 8888888888 or 20 digits of alphanumeric character that is starting with 2 digits alphabetic character and then 18 digits of number character e.g JD2222 2222 23333 2222 22.

there are some other formats you can also find in DHL slip which can be tracked in the same way of the tracking methods. Now we are discussing the process of tracking the DHL shipment with the help of tracking number in various step:
Step 1: first you have to go the official site of the DHL de tracking that is or you can directly go to the website by just clicking the below link:
Step 2: when you click the above link, you will see a blank box, where you to type the tracking number. You can only track 10 shipments at once so, you will be allowed to type only 10 tracking number.
Step 3: after typing the tracking number in the box, you have to click on the option submit.
As you click on the option submit you will get all the details and status regarding your shipment.

Tracking through tracking number is one of the easiest ways to track your parcel as simply you have to go on the official website of DHL and enter the tracking number hence you will find the result by clicking on the submit button

Tracking your packages through text messages
You can also track your shipment with the help DHL courier tracking by just sending your text consisting of tracking number to the number that is 07720334455. When you will send the message through text messages you will get all the details in text also after just sending your text. It will not take so much time as DHL reply your message very fastly.
Tracking of the shipment using personalized shipper’s reference
You can also track your parcel without tracking number as DHL service provide the tracking through shipper’s reference number in which you should add the reference number in your DHL waybill tracking that allows you or account holder to trace the shipment. Following are the step for the tracking your items through reference number.
Step 1: you have to on the official site of the DHL or you have to click on the mentioned link.

step 2: you have to fill the shipper’s reference no. And date range of shipment and account no. Of DHL and destination of the shipment.
Step 3: after clicking all the above details on the form now you have to go to the track option.
Step 4: when you will click on the track option you will get all the updates related to your shipment.

Tracking your package through email

Many time it is possible that you are facing problems in tracking your shipment through online then you have another option to track your shipment that is DHL trace and track method through email.You just need to send your tracking number to the email of DHL and you will get all the updates related to your packages. Following are the step to track your packages with the help of email:
Step 1: login your Gmail account on your device.
Step 2: click on the option compose to write a new mail.
Step 3: type the email address of DHL that is
Step 4: in subjects, you have to write the bill number that you have got at the time of booking your parcel.
Step 5: in the text box you have to write your tracking number to track your packages.
Step 6: send it by just clicking on the send button.
You will get all the tracking details as soon as your message is received by the DHL email service.

DHL customer service

If you have any queries related your shipment you can direct contact through the DHL customer service by both phone calls and email. You can ask any types of quested related to your packages as if you can’t track your shipment, regarding your delayed shipment etc. You can contact customer service for the inquiries related to general shipment from Monday to Friday from morning 9.00 am to evening 6.00 pm on the number 1800 111 345/ 1800 200 1345 that is the tollfree number provided by DHL. you can not ask any queries in holidays or festivals or on Sunday or Saturday. You can also ask your inquiries through email in which you have to go on the official site of you can just click the below link:
After clicking on the above link you will redirect to the new windows where you to write some basic information about you such as name, email address and then type the inquiry in the inquiry box. When you complete the filling of inquiry form click on the submit button. When you click on the submit button the message is automatically sent to the DHL and you will get a new mail of DHL with answering your inquiries. You can also send your queries through social media like Twitter account @DHLUShelp and facebook account @dhl

DHL eCommerce

Dhl eCommerce provides special and standard service to its customer by giving international as well as domestic pickup, delivery and return solution. Dhl e-commerce helps to trace and track valuable packages through DHL e-commerce tracking number. No need to go anywhere to trace your DHL courier shipment by just going on the official site of DHL and simply click your unique tracking number and click on submit. You will get all the information related to your shipment and packages. You can also get all the updates of DHL parcel through email by updating your email service. When you will activate your email service then DHL will provide you all the status and updates related to your packages through the mail.

Dhl parcel packages:


DHL parcel packages are four types:
1.) Extra light parcel packages: the parcel weight is not more than 1kg and the dimension of the parcel should not exceed more than the length of 35cm.
2.) Light package: the weight of package should not more than 10 kg and the length of the package should not exceed more than 75 cm.
3.) Heavy package: the weight should not be more than 31.5 kg as well as the size of the package should not be exceeded than 140 * 60 * 60 cm.
4) time definite package: it provides on-time delivery including Saturday. Weight should not be more than 31.5 kg as well as size should not exceed more the 140 * 60 * 60 cm.

DHL Global Mail

Dhl global mail is associated company that is one of the parts of Deutsche Post DHL (DP DHL) group that offers post services to the worldwide as well as the distribution of the straight mail. It is considered as the largest inexpensive option that provides business-class delivery to its customer. It has more than 5000 authorized offices from all around the world but the main offices are located in the city Bonn in the country Germany. It offers simple and affordable services for delivering mail and small goods for the European, American or Asian business customer. The delivery time may be different because of distance and origin country. you can track your DHL global with the help of DHL mail tracking with the simple methods as same as methods used in tracking through tracking number.
DHL Global Forwarding is a division of DPDHL, which is also known as DHL Danzas Air & ocean. It plans many logistic projects on the brand name such as DHL Industrial projects with DHL freight. It delivers the parcel or goods by rail, road, and sea.


You can track your package with the special tools that are DHL Global forwarding tracking by simply going on the official site and click the tracking number and track your global mail by just clicking on the submit option.

DHL India

DHL has situated in all over the world to give it services so, how it can be possible that India is not getting services. Todays DHL has situated in all the part of the country to make the shipment easy and affordable. It provides all the facilities like international and domestic parcel as well tracking of the parcel. It also gives a very fast customer service where you can ask any queries to the customer care related to DHL shipment and you will get all the answer within a short minute of time.

Q1. Is it possible to track the shipment without tracking number?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to track your shipment without tracking number with the help of shipper’s reference number. All the steps and the process are given above to trace your shipment without tracking number.

Q2. When will be parcel delivered?

Ans. Usually, DHL takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver your parcel, you can track your status from DHL track packages by any of the methods like SMS, tracking number, email, reference no. And you will get the expected date of delivery of your parcel.

Q3. What happens when my parcel will not be delivered?

Ans. If you are not available at your home at the time of delivery then DHL never delivers it your neighbor, they take it return back to its post office and send or leave a not home card in your mail. With the help of code on the not home card you will easily get your parcel or can request for the new delivery attempt and you will get the parcel within the next working day.

Q4. How long my parcel will available to the post office after not receiving the parcel at delivery?

Ans. You will receive a reminder to collect your parcel within 2 days but in case you did not collect it you will again be received a reminder within 5 days to collect your parcel and if you did not collect it within 7 days than DHL will return your parcel to the sender address and you will also receive the text message of returning the mail.

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