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FedEx stands for Federal Express. It is an American Multinational courier servicing brand with its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. The company is best known for its overnight Track FedEx courier services. It also stands out for one of its most amazing features of tracking the status of the shipment packages online anytime and anywhere, even from the convenience of your bedroom. It provides real-time updates on the location of the package. This feature has now been updated with almost all the courier service companies.

When does FedEx deliver?

You might find it hard to believe, but the FedEx Express is the original overnight courier services, providing next day air service within the United States. It also provides with time-definite international service. FedEx Express helps in the operation of one of the largest civil aircraft fleets in the world. Apart from this, it also helps operate the largest fleet of wide bodied civil aircraft. FedEx is credited with carrying more freight than any other airline. FedEx also has a home delivery option, however this is limited to the United States only. It performs residential delivery Tuesday through Saturday and offers delivery options to provide more flexibility for residential recipients. This logo includes a type of drawing of dog carrying a Fedex package. FedEx Home Delivery, as of now is restricted only to the United States.

FedEx Tracking Number

The online tracking facility made available by FedEx has reduced the stress of customers waiting for packages. It is designed to provide you with all information in detail about the all shipment, including the shipment’s most up-to-date status and estimated delivery date. You can easily track your packages with the help of FedEx tracking no. The time and say of delivery can change as per the service that you have chosen for the delivery-

FedEx Express:

Monday          8 AM to 6 PM

Tuesday         8 AM to 6 PM

Wednesday   8 AM. to 6 PM

Thursday         8 AM to 6 PM

Friday                 8 AM to 6 PM

(delivery special handling option ON Saturday with Saturday )

FedEx Ground:

Monday                8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tuesday               8 a.m. to 7 p.m

Wednesday       8 a.m. to 7 p.m

Thursday            8 a.m. to 7 p.m

Friday                   8 a.m. to 7 p.m


FedEx Home Delivery®:

Tuesday                     9 AM to 8 PM

Wednesday            9 AM to 8 PM

Thursday                 9 AM to 8 PM

Friday                        9 AM to 8 PM

Saturday                 9 AM to 3 PM

If the FedEx track shipment page shows the shipment is at the time, then use the estimated that delivery date as a user guide to when your shipment will have arrived.

The packages are checked at various checkpoints before being delivered to the destination address. For example, if your package is to be delivered from California to Colorado, the package would receive a scan at the California depot, immediately after which, it would be loaded for travelling. The second check might be performed in an intermediate location, before the package reaches the Colorado office, where a final check is performed. In certain cases, there are only two scans, one at California and the other straight at Colorado. Just in case, if a package is not checked within 24 hours of time, there is nothing to be worried about in this case as at times while the package is in transit, it becomes difficult to perform the scan, if the package is delayed due to any condition on the journey.

Can FedEx track by address?

FedEx courier services deliver almost any and every sort of packages, right from breakable materials to important documents and so on and so forth. In cases of certain verification purposes, papers for the drug test are mailed to the applicant’s address via FedEx only, to ensure swift delivery and on time action. Not only this, you can supply perishable goods, hazardous materials and many more via FedEx. There are specific shipping guides, contracts, labels, guidelines and of course their customer service portal to help you out with any of the queries you have during the process. FedEx believes that a connected world is a prosperous and sustainable world. And they aim to deliver that forward.

FedEx Tracking US

The corporate address of FedEx is:

FedEx Corporation

942 South Shady Grove Road

Memphis, TN 38120


The address for the FedEx investor relations team is:

FedEx Corp. Investor Relations

942 South Shady Grove Road

Second Floor

Memphis, TN 38120


Almost all your queries are resolved from the question and answer sections that are available at the FAQ section of the FedEx website, but just in case, the need arises, you can even submit an email request to them, and they would reach out to you. They are known for their superb customer service skills and will be able to resolve your queries.

On your absence, if the delivery boy arrives and the package is not something confidential that needs a signature on it, FedEx drivers will leave all your package at a your  door, or another location, if he believes it is reasonable to do so. In most cases, A three times attempt is made to deliver your package three times before returning to the shipper.

FedEx Express Tracking

FedEx team has a well-designed portal for tracking your shipments effectively. You can choose from several options there, however, the one that is mostly used is “tracking by the reference number.”

FedEx Track Order

A tracking reference number is of 12 digits and is provided to you while you book a slot for delivery of your package. For cases, where in you missed to collect your tracking number, you can always reach out to the services team, from where you had booked your package and get the tracking number from there. However, it is advisable to ensure that you collect the tracking number in the first go as it plays a prominent role in helping you out FedEx track a packages the most recent location that your package is in and have an estimate idea as to when the package would be delivered to your end or to the recipient to whom the package is intended for.

Once you have the tracking number at your end, you would just need to visit the FedEx website and select the correct option to find the status. Below is a step by step guide for the same.

FedEx Courier Tracking USA

  • Open the link Tracking
  • Click on “Tracking.”
  • A couple of options would show up in the Drop-down menu.
  • Ensure to select the option that is the most relevant to you.
  • Select “Track by tracking number”.
  • An option or blank space to enter the FedEx tracking ID would show up.
  • Ensure to enter the correct tracking number to avoid receiving erroneous results.
  • Once entered, click on the “Track” option.
  • After a couple of minutes of searching through the servers, the website would display the exact status and location your shipment is in real time.

There are multiple other ways to track your packages as well-

  • Track by Reference.
  • Track by Signatures.
  • Advanced Shipment Tracking.
  • Track by FedEx desktop.
  • Track by Email.

You can track your last 30 shipments details with just one email request being put up.

Quality service is one of the golden attributes of FedEx. You can always reach out to them at-

For International Services 1800 22 6161 / 1800 209 6161

For Domestic Services 1800 419 4343

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9.00 AM to 9.00PM

Working Days: Monday – Saturday (Except Public Holidays)

For cases, wherein, you do not have an internet connectivity, a call to the customer services department can save you from all the tensions just in case, any package is delayed due to some extreme conditions or faults at any end.

FedEx also provides us with a Virtual Assistant or Bot, that guides us with our questions. It would either provide us with a to the point answer or with a link to a relevant article that would help resolve our queries we have.

You can access the features of the Virtual Assistant from this link:

With the help of the tracking numbers, you can track up to 30 shipments in one time on one search, which is really time saving. While filling out the tracking number, there are certain guidelines that needs to be followed-

  • Ensure that the number is of 12 digits.
  • Do not use an alphanumeric or unusual character in the tracking number.
  • There should not be any hyphens in the tracking number.
  • Ensure to remove all the extra spaces while filling out the tracking number.
  • If there are more than one numbers, please ensure to fill them out one per line and not in a series.

FedEx services are available in numerous locations in India and abroad. FedEx Services provides all type of services like customer service, marketing, technical support, sales,  information technology, communications, billing, and collections services for U.S. customers of big business units and certain back-office activities which support other companies. For those who stay out of the States, here you will find a complied list of all the required contact numbers that would cover almost the entire Asia location-

FedEx Tracking Contact Number


Toll Free 13-26-10

Regular +61132610

New Zealand-

Toll Free 0800-733339

Regular +6492565382


Toll Free 0 800 1 888 800

Regular 6221 75998800

Papua New Guinea-

Toll Free 675 325 9788

Regular 6753214606



Toll Free 679 722 933

Regular 6796722933

New Caledonia-

Toll Free 687 286 125

Regular 687777616


Toll Free 678 27 653

Regular 67823991

French Polynesia-

Regular 689 453 645

American Samoa-

Toll Free 684 699 5701

Regular 001 684 6995701

Cook Islands-

Regular 682 23361

Hong Kong-

Regular (852) 27303333


Regular (853) 703333


Toll Free 400 886 1888 (Mobile phone user)

Regular 8610 6464 8855


Toll Free 400 886 1888 (Mobile phone user)

Regular 8621 5257 4620


Toll Free 400 86 1888 (Mobile phone user)

Regular 8620 8763 2866


Toll Free 1800-886363

Regular +603 7721 1388

Skype +603 7721 1388


Toll Free 1800-7432626

Regular (65) 67432626


Toll Free 1782

Regular 6622298900


Toll Free 855 23 426 931

Regular 855 23 211278/216712/215436


Toll Free 1800 585835

Regular 848 3948 0370

Ho Chi Minh-

Regular 848 200 747


Regular 8448249-05


Toll Free 0120-003200

Regular (81) 43-298-1919


Toll Free 080 023 8000

Regular number not available


Regular 632 855 8484


Toll Free 0800-075-075

Regular (886) 2-8181-1912


Advantages of FedEx:

  • Overnight deliveries.
  • You can schedule a pickup as per availability.
  • You can track status of your package in real time.
  • Efficient customer service.
  • No risk of losing on important packages.
  • Saves time.
  • Cost effective.
  • Tracking numbers if not restored, can be easily obtained.
  • Any sort of items from perishable to hazardous can be transported via their courier services.
  • Reliable and trust-worthy.
  • Easy billing methods.
  • No complex strategies involved.
  • Electronic shipping solutions.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Sophisticated tools.
  • International Document Preparation.
  • Signature of Proof of Delivery as and when the need arises.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Reassurance and savings.
  • Reliable rates.
  • Owing to the number of awards and recognitions to its name, there isn’t much of an explanation required after all to rely and do business with FedEx.
  • It also provides you with a money back guarantee.

Tracking FedEx Shipping

Make FedEx as an international shipping orgnization and you can import or export to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide with full confidence. This is the sort of service that FedEx provides, the level of satisfaction is just unmatchable. With free tools at their official website or via the mobile app, you can manage your shipments, you can also track their progress in real-time and you can also get proactive notifications. With a range of advanced tools integrated and inbuilt in their website, it would help you to run detailed reports, find out about duties and taxes on special shipments and more – and they’re just as easy to use. The wide range of shipping services, that they offer you with, means you’ll always find the right options for whatever you’re shipping, without any hassle, with the perfect set of rates and what not in one go.

Folks, with all the wide range of information brought into one page, along with tips and tricks, guidelines of using the tracking number, the advantages of using FedEx and many more, I am sure you would no longer need to visit and waste time on the different search engines to find out reasons and rid yourself from the doubt of whether or not you should opt for FedEx as a reliable courier service.

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