TNT Tracking & Trace – Track Your Shipment Pacel

TNT express is a courier delivery service which is spread at the global level, these services are based on a very large network at very big scale in all over the world, there are several countries in which TNT provide its service like of Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East , America and Africa. The TNT was first started in Australia in the year of 1940. Although the network of TNT Tracking UK, TNT Tracking China, TNT Tracking India, TNT Tracking UAE, TNT Tracking Malaysia and TNT Tracking Australia is growing on a large scale of TNT international tracking every year, currently the TNT is a subsidiary of the FedEx.

TNT Track and Trace

The basic aim to which TNT focus for achieving is the customer satisfaction for which they try a lot a lot and Take care for the demands of customers and if any complaint is marked them they tries to solve it as early as possible. So, as these groups of TNT are trying to improve their service they have to make the tracking system very easy and convenient for its users so you can easily track your package and have the full details of your courier. The network of TNT is spread on a large scale which works in a chain like system for delivery of your package or parcel from the sender to tell receiver and the tagline of TNT is known as the “People network” as they always work for their customers and says that their notice is only the satisfaction of their customers.

TNT Courier Tracker

As we all come to know that TNT is the one which works for the delivery of packages from one location to another so both sender and receiver both eagerly waits for their package to be delivered or received and for this, they wants to track their package for getting the location details of it. So, today we are going to tell you that how can you track your package or consignment delivered through TNT to any location. There are various and different methods by which you can track your TNT package let us discuss them below and by following the steps simple and easy steps you can also track your package –

How to Track TNT Courier Tracking (TNT Express Tracking)

We also told you earlier that the tracking services of TNT are very simple to use and are relevant for its customers so we are going to tell you these different tracking methods in which the first method is of online TNT shipping tracking in which you can track your shipment with help of TNT tracking number which is received when you deliver your package. So, for online tracking of your parcel follow steps :

Step – 1 : First of all open the official site of TNT in your web browser and select your current residing location in it. You can also click on the following link for a direct visit to the official TNT website.

Step – 2 : Now , select your location from the drop-down list after clicking on the arrow which is available at the top right side on your screen.

Step – 3: After you click on the location and set it now you can simply type the TNT courier tracking number of your consignment in the box shown on your screen. You are allowed to mark up to 10 different tracking numbers of different consignments at ten same times.

Step – 4: Next as you have completed by typing the TNT tracking id for your consignment, the last you are to track it and for this click on the option of the track which is under the blue box at the bottom right side corner of the screen.

Step – 5: So, as soon as you click on the option of the track a new window will get open in front of you and your package will get tracked with the full details of location, time, estimated delivery etc and other necessary details.

So , you can follow the above-mentioned steps if you have sent or your delivery is domestic but if you have shipped your parcel for the international delivery then there is a slight change in the tracking steps. As you can see in the below box at the bottom side with red color it is written as “track an international shipment here” , you just have to click on this link and then after entering your tracking number and track your item by following same steps mentioned for domestic tracking.

TNT Tracking parcel with help of SMS service :

If you are not having a secured internet connection or do not know how to use the online services then for those customers TNT is also having the service of SMS facility with help of this you are able to track your consignment by just sending one message let us come to know how can you do this. If you also wanted to track your consignment by sending SMS then follow the below provided simple easy steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to go to the SMS section of your phone, open it now in the part in which we type message you have to type [ C <space> consignment number of 9 digits ] , this is in you are tracking your package with help of consignment number but if you wanted to track your package with help of the reference number the  type [ R <space> reference code of your package ]

Step – 2 : Now , after typing this in the field of message next you have to type the number in the to field at which you will be going to send your message. So the number of TNT SMS service is +447740767767. While you send your message the nominal charges will be applied.

Step – 3 : Now , next after completing both of the above-mentioned steps you just need to do the last step which is of sending, just click on the icon of send and your message will be sent to the TNT department. After some time you will get a reply message in which all of the details related to your package are indicated.

So , you can see how simple is this step you just have to send a normal message to TNT department with the tracking id of your package and in return, you will get a reply message from their with full tracking details, You just have to follow these above mentioned simple and easy steps.


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