UPS Tracking Number – Track Your Shipment Package

UPS Tracking numbers are a very important numeric character that is given during the shipment that helps to track your packages whey they shipped. In united states, there are many companies as well as the organization that uses UPS tracking number such as ups, USPS etc. Ups tracking is one the world’s largest or the largest global lever logistic service that helps to deliver the packages on time to the customer. It provides its service more than 220 countries in all over the world.

It delivers all the product in a minimum amount as compared to other companies.  It also has the option to send your package according to time that you want to choose. You can also use the emergency and urgent service that is provided by UPS to deliver your package earlier. It delivers almost 15 million packages for the 7.9 millions of customer on the daily basis in both domestic and international service.

What is UPS Tracking Service?

Ups tracking service helps to give them each and every status related to the shipment of the package. It tells about the time and date of delivery of package. You can use the ups tracking service without paying any hard money as you only need to pay for the shipment of the product, the tracking service is absolutely free. You can track each and every item that is in the process of shipment with ups. The package is scanned no. Of times by the UPS from the starting point of acceptance of your package to the final delivery.

UPS Tracking

When you go for the shipment of the package or item tracking ID is provided by the UPS that is also called UPS tracking number that is unique to the different package. The number is scanned by the UPS at the various stages of the shipment that helps to keep your package updated. With the help of this number, you can track your package and you will be updated on the status of the shipment of the package. UPS do not provide only packing and shipping and tracking service as it also has a huge store known as UPS tracking store which provides lots of service like printing service, direct mail service, package notification etc. it supports and helps the community of the small businessman.

 UPS methods of Tracking

There is a various method for the tracking of shipment through UPS tracking service. In this article you know about the various method of the tracking so, you can track your package without any difficulties. Let me tell you that you can only track your package when you have your tracking number that has been to you at the time of shipment of the package.


there are many types of the number will be included in your bill but all the number that is shifted under the red circle is the tracking number that you need to track your shipment. it will be written in your bill as similar as written in the above example. now let’s know the various method for the tracking the shipment. you can go through any of these methods for tracking your package. the information will be same in every method so, you can choose according to your choice that you like and easy for you.

Track packages using UPS Tracking Number

 When you go for the shipment process you will receive a unique Id that is tracking no. That help to keep updated with your package. Following are the steps that help you to track your package as well as it gives you the confirmation notification the delivery of the item with the ups tracking no.

Step 1: first you have to go to the main site of ups that is or you can directly go to the site UPS with the link:
Step 2: as you click the site of the ups you will automatically reach the window of UPS that will look like as:
step 3: Now you have to change your location according to your current location by going the option “location” which is located at the top corner of your device.
step 4: now go to the menu bar where you find option tracking, you just need to click the option and then select the first option “track shipment”.
step 5: after clicking on the track shipment you will redirect to the new window where you need click the first option that is “track by number”.
step 6:  when you click on the option track by the number you will get a box where you write maximum 25 tracking no. to track your package. now you have to click one no. in one line for tracking the item and just  just click on the option track.
with the clicking on option track, you will get all the notification related to the shipment. the status, delivery date and time all the update you will know with the help of tracking number.

Tracking by UPS Reference option

Step 1: you need to go to the main site of the UPS to track the shipment through the reference option.

Step 2: now you need to select the location where you are currently present.
Step 3: when you select the location you can go the tracking option then click the first option that will be track shipment.
Step 4: after the clicking on the option the new windows will see to you.
Step 5:  now you have to click on the second option that is track by reference.
Step 6: after clicking on the last option you will redirect to a new window where you have to select the shipment type like package, freight etc.
Step 7: after selecting shipment type you need to type shipment reference number which will not exceed by 35 characters which will the combination of both number as well as numeric character.
Step 8: now you need to select shipment date range.
Step 9: after the selecting date range now you need to select the account of the person who is shipping your parcel, you can mention your another account on another field.
Step 10: select the country where the parcel is going to deliver.

Step 11: finally after giving all the details you can select the track option to track your parcel.

UPS Tracking by mail

Tracking by mail is one the faster and very easy method by which you can easily track your package. you only need to send the tracking number to the ups by the mail and you will get all the updates as soon as they will receive your mail. We are going to tell you that can you track with this method.
Step – 1: open your mail account.
Step – 2: In the subject, you need to write tracking details so, you can track your package.
Step – 3: on the next box just write your tracking ID which should not exceed more than 25 tracking number.
Step – 4: send the mail to the
Ups will send you all the details after receiving your mail. they do not take more time to updating you.

UPS Tracking by SMS

UPS also give the service of tracking the parcel through SMS where you will get all the updates through SMS.
Step – 1: first step you need to take for getting update by going to the official site of ups that is
Step – 2: after clicking on the site you will directly or automatically reach on the official site where the new windows are seen on your device. then select the location as well as the shipment track from the menu bar that will be seen on your windows.
Step – 3: select the option SMS tracking and then notify me of updates to get all the updates and status of shipment through the message.
Step – 4: Now select the SMS type notification to receive all the notification related to the parcel.
Step – 5: Add the number by just clicking on add the new number. Enter only that number where you want all updates. you will get all the updates on the given number only so, be sure while the giving your number that the number that you are giving for the update is with you.
Step – 6: you will all the details of shipment after the confirming the number.
note:  after activating SMS service you can only one-time information of the current status, you need to go through all steps in every time when you wants to know the status of your shipment.

UPS Tracking

When you go for the shipment UPS allow you track your all shipment in every step through UPS tracking. With the help of UPS tracking, you can see your all status related to your parcel. You can track your shipment by going on the tracking and you can choose the various option for getting all the updates. You can select these option on the official site of UPS that is tracking but you can directly be opened the windows of open by just clicking the site given below.

UPS Tracking by number

 You can track your shipment by the by a number that you receive when you go for the shipment of your package. They give you UPS tracking ID that is also known UPS tracking number which helps to give all status of the shipment in future. As you know ups tracking Id is unique for all different package and shipment. The id which you receive that same as the id of your package. For the latest update ups always scan your package.

The format of UPS tracking number.

UPS gives the largest service among all over the world. All the shipment have the special unique number that is UPS tracking number which is available in 4 format that is:
1) IZ8888888888888888
2) T88888888888
3) 888888888
4) 888888888888
The tracking number starting with IZ is commonly used by  UPS. All the number exists between 7 to 20, which is different in the different package that helps you to track your item in the future in easy and comfortable manner. all the number in the ups tracking number have some information regarding your shipment of the package as when ups scan your package all the information gets updates by which when tracking the package by various method you will get to know the status.

UPS Tracking Package

Mainly there are 2 types of the package shipped by the ups that are:

1) United state domestic package: this service is made for the shipment of the package in the local community of the US. They deliver all the product like the article, documents, packages etc. They also give the service of emergency or urgent shipment. its main branch is shifted in the US that,s why the delivery is called domestic package as you can track it from “Ups tracking USA” to track all the domestic package.
2) International package: ups is not only delivered in the local community of US as it gives his service among the 220 countries of the world. You can track your international package by using ups international tracking number which will be given to you with receipt of the shipment.

UPS Tracking Information

You can get all the information with the help of tracking number you only need to select the option in which you want to know the updates. It will give you all the ups tracking information related to your shipment that is date and time of the delivery of the package, status of the package where it is? All the information you can get from the method you want as ups has many methods to tracking your shipment as the tracking by mail, tracking by number, tracking by phone number, ups tracking by address, tracking by SMS you select either of any of these methods and you will get all the information. you can also track your order by the ups tracking order with the help of the number of  UPS tracking code which is also known as the tracking number.
Let me tell you that you can get the information about the 25 package in one time so, do not exceed it by typing extra tracking number you will not get any information. So, so aware the at one time you have only type 25 tracking number to get the information.

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