YRC Freight Tracking: Courier Shipment Tracking Status

YRC Freight is a North American company which ships different freights be it a small package or a big load under the banner YRC Freight. The company was founded by Grover Cleveland in 1906 in North America and its headquarter is situated in Overland Park, Kansas. The company provides transportation services for different freights from one place to another. The company’s services are available for both local i.e. domestic as well as international destinations. The YRC freight terminals is one of the best companies in shipping business because of their outstanding services in delivering freight on time and with utmost safety. The company, now, is in partnership with A.J to spread the business all across the world. YRC is one leading company which is an LTL (less-than-truckloads) expert that provides services in transportation of goods and articles from one location to another with utmost handling across the world now. YRC promises and guarantee for their delivery services on time via air ways (flights) or through ground means of transportation.

YRC Freight Tracking

YRC services are operated and present in Canada, USA, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico too. The company takes responsibility to provide best services with pure loyalty and utmost securities to its customers. Because of its facilities of delivery is available for all types of goods (commercial, industrial and retail), the YRC freight tracking number is now considered as one of the biggest subsidiaries across the world. As YRC takes whole responsibility while taking an order, they guarantee on-time delivery and to comfort their customers they provide a YRC customer service number to them so that they could track their delivery status all through the way. Internet plays an important role in making a supply chain management system with customers. Security is one prime responsibility one any shipping company and YRC freight gives a very secure way of delivery to prevent any kind of damage and to maintain privacy of the parcel from one destination to another.

Freight shipping is a chain of various steps which needs to keep in mind while making an order. The process is not so critical that it makes difficult to place an order with YRC, but it, definitely, is a process of few steps which make them one’s first choice.

The steps to be followed are as:

  • At first, your package of shipment is prepared by YRC to the respective destined location.
  • Labeling of your shipment i.e. package, good or parcel etc. is carried out by them.
  • Billing: After labeling, YRC prepare the bill of the parcel in the process of shipment.
  • Next step is very crucial in whole delivery service, YRC make sure about the availability of the receiver at the destined location that when they would be available to receive the parcel or inform them estimated date of delivery.
  • As the parcel in YRC hands, you are provided with a YRC customer service number which can be used to track your shipment until get delivered.

Because of their best services in terms of time of delivery, safety, loyalty and best management; people trust them and because of which YRC has expanded its business by providing different services keeping conveniences of customers and urgency of delivery in mind. Some of them are:

  • Standard Service
  • Accelerated Service
  • Time-critical service

Standard service as the name suggest, is the basic facility available with them. If the shipment is to be delivered within United States, Canada or Mexico; standard service charges are applied to such deliveries. The YRC provides the guarantee of delivery in these locations with a maximum of one day at least, provided it to be a working day or business day.

Accelerated Service, again, as its name it is accelerated mode of delivering your shipment when you wish to deliver your parcel urgently without wasting much time, who choose this type of service which is a very fast, cost-effective and reliable mode of service for the delivery of parcel in time. YRC has an accelerated mode of transportation system which is based on timeline and that provide such services. This service is even available on weekends i.e. Sundays and Saturdays too which make it first choice in deliveries in off days and therefore is very beneficial at times.

Time-critical service, when a parcel is given with a definite delivery time and date on which the parcel is supposed to deliver, this type of service becomes the choice of customers. Since the parcel comes time bounded in such services, the responsibility of the team is even more than any other to give full satisfaction to the customer in this service. The team works at a very fast lightning speed in this service to give their 100% in each and every single shipment.

Since now we’ve learned enough about the YRC Company and its working process, now let us know how we can track our shipment i.e. tracking status in YRC services.

YRC Tracking Number

To make your life easier, YRC has a unique shipment ‘YRC tracking phone number’ through which you can easily track the status and location of your shipment from your home just by using some internet. It is very easy and provides updated information. You can easily track and locate your shipment anytime and from anywhere just by using your tracking number or PRO number which is provided by YRC. To know the procedure how to track your shipment using tracking number, keep reading this article further. Steps wise tracking procedure is given below:

To track any of your shipment online, make sure you have a very active internet connection.

Step 1: Visit the site of YRC i.e. and click on YRC tracking number present over there. To your convenience, you can also directly visit that page just by using below given link.


After clicking on this link you can directly visit the page on the site of YRC from where you can begin tracking of your shipment.

The page that you reach will show a box with ‘shipment search’ where an option with Reference number type is given.You can write the provided reference number in the given space and then can search your shipment, by clicking on ‘Find shipment’.

Step 2: If you have an account on YRC Frieghts thenyou also can login using your password and then follow the previous step. This can be done just by clicking on ‘Login’ present at extreme right corner on the screen. After login follow the previous step.

Step 3: Place your tracking number in reference area and proceed to track your shipment. You can track as many shipments as many tracking number you have. If you have just one tracking number, you can use that tracking number to track you shipments.

Step 4: Again, to make your life easier, when you have multiple tracking number and to track the status of shipments in one go, there is an option on the site saying ‘ Multiple PRO entry’ using which details of the status of  the shipment comes in front of you on your screen after entry of respective PRO number. As you click on ‘Multiple PRO entry’ a box will open where maximum 10 entries of tracking number can be done and their status can be seen.

The YRC site is very accessible and easy to deal with. Just keep on following these steps.

Step 5: After the entry of maximum of 10 tracking numbers in one go, just click on ‘Find shipment’. As you do this, within a few seconds all the details will be available on your screen regarding your various shipments.

This facility is available for every shipment that you make. Internation shipment or a domestical shipment all can be tracked just by using this online tracking system by YRC from their website. It can be done either using a computer or a laptop or can also be easy accessed via mobile phone too. This make is very convenient and easy to use from anywhere and anytime.

For this tracking of shipments from customers, there is a mobile application of YRC which is very easy to use. This app provides all such facilities to know more about YRC, their services, and tracking mechanism also. The steps that are involved in tracking if made using a mobile phone are as follows:

Step 1: First of all visit google play store from where you can download the YRC friegh mobile app by typing ‘YRC Freight’ in the search option. An orance coloured application will come at the top the screen which can be easily installed by clicking on ‘Install’ present on the lower right side region on the screen of your cell phone.

Step 2: As you click on ‘Install’ a pop up messgae will be shown on the screen. Just click on the ‘Accept’ and within a few seconds the download will start and get completed even sooner depending upon the speed of your internet.

Step 3: As the download completed, you can visit the app i.e. can open the app right from google play store by clicking on ‘Open’ or via your phone home screen where all other applications are shown.

Step 4: As you visit the application in your cell phone, a number of option will be shown in the application inside. You can just click on ‘Tracking’ option if you want to track your shipment. Rest other option are useful for other purposes.

Step 5: As you click on ‘Tracking’, a three boxes containing screen will come in front of you on your cell phone where you would type your shipment number or tracking number in ‘PRO’ box present there. If you have more than one option you can put other tracking number in other boxes but remember you can only track maximum three shipments at a time using the cell phone YRC application. This is quite a one limitation but still easy to use anywhere or everywhere in network reach.

Step 6: As you type your tracking numbers in respective boxes, all you have to do is click on ‘GO’ below them. It will load a little process using internet and will provide you with required details.

So this is the way to track any of your shipment using YRC actual site or by using mobile application. It has indeed made easier for their customers to check the status of their shipment from home only.

YRC Worldwide Tracking

We’ve tried to give the maximum guidance to track your shipment in YRC through this article in a very cordial manner. We hope that it was of indeed use and guided you in all through. You can opt either of two ways tracking i.e either via your laptop or computer or via mobile application. We just hope that you will go for your shipment tracking step by steps as mentioned above to make your experience easier and without facing any problem.

Yellow Freight Tracking

To make your experience even better, we are leaving a few important details below which might be of use as well.

  • The YRC Tracking number and YRC PRO number tracking both are same and are around 9 or 10 digits.
  • For any queries with YRC company customer services, they have 24 hours available customer services available, you can contact them anytime just by dialing a correct and appropriate area number.

As you dial an appropriate customer service number, a robot will answer your call and will ask you press a few digits to proceed to customer service agent or person.

For eg. Press 1, for the pickup or you can also say pickup

Press 2, if you want to track your shipment or you can also say to track a shipment, whichever is convenient.

Press 3, if you want to know more about rate quote, or you can also say the same.

Press 4, to know about their gaurantee policy or expedition; or can say for the same too.

Press 5, for other more option if you do not get a required option all through.

Depending upon your location and requirements you can opt your option and shall dial an appropriate phone number and call them..

For your convenience, few of the customer service numbers of different locations / areas and important links are as follows:

YRC tracking number US: 8006106500

YRC tracking number Canada: 8773303321

YRC official address is www.yrc.com Tracking( YRC website )

Toll-free number: 18006106500

YRC freight volume sales number: 18006106500

Exhibit Coordinators: 18005313976

Customer care email address is customer.service@yrcfreight.com

Also, the booking number is the number which is provided at the time of placing the shipment which is same as YRC Tracking by PRO number or the YRC Pro tracking number. Do not get confused if you find an option saying Booking Number.

We hope this article is of some help to you and provide you with the required details you wanted. We are always happy to serve you. Hope to see you back again!

Thanks much. Have a Happy Shipping!

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